Fur-Fun: A SidAlpha Report

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We spent some time diving into the issues surrounding a game called Fur-Fun in the past but further issues have been creeping up. SidAlpha thankfully details everything in a well-produced video which you can find above this text. He offers quality content and dives into major issues surrounding Steam, with a more known case being his reports on Digital Homicide vs. Jim Sterling.

Fur-Fun, a coin collecting platformer by Doky Dalas and it’s production has been thrown into the maelstrom of controversy. From unpaid developers to potentially illegal distribution of assets to DMCA take downs. This one seems to be the complete package.

Sid Alpha even wrote a review on the title which you can check out by clicking the following link. One quote from the review sums it up though sadly.

With numerous crashes, bugs, and glitches, this game is nowhere NEAR ready despite the apparent assumption that it is nearly completed by the Developer.
The game crashed for me 3 times in less than an hour. I fell through the map 7 times. I got hung up on invisible walls countless times. This isn’t a game. It is an abomination. Avoid at all costs.

It’s a shame to hear stories like these but hopefully the developer is hearing all the feedback and will improve upon Fur-Fun in the future. Stay tuned for further updates.

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