Sonic Rush Review – Nintendo DS

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Sonic Rush released during the ‘Dark Age’ of Sonic, the same year Shadow the Hedgehog came out. After the release of Sonic Advance 3, Dimps moved on to the Nintendo DS, producing the next game in the portable Sonic series. Sonic Rush is the logical evolution of the Advance series, with it’s introduction of the Sonic Boost as a core gameplay mechanic. This later rippled into the console games and became a mainstay mechanic for the Blue Blur. Does this … Read More

Sonic Advance 2 Review – Game Boy Advance

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This game is the sequel to Sonic Advance and it changes a lot from the original. Having a focus on speed rather than platforming and containing more linear level design, we have a very different 2D adventure. This feels more like a ‘transition’ game between Classic Sonic-style gameplay and the 2D Boost Formula created with later Sonic games. With that in mind, Sonic Advance 2 blends classic 2D Sonic level design with a focus on speed evolving the core 2D … Read More

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles Review – SEGA Genesis

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Sonic the Hedgehog is a series that continued to improve as it got more releases back in the 90’s, with the series 2D run establishing the series strong track record as one of the best platformers on the market. With Sonic 1 and 2 being such successes, a lot was riding on Sonic 3 to be an even better experience. With two massive games being locked-on to each other and new gameplay mechanics being added, does Sonic 3 & Knuckles … Read More

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) Review – SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive

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Sonic the Hedgehog on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive is one of the most iconic games in the industry, as it helped SEGA find footing in the console space against Nintendo’s SNES back in the early 90’s. Sonic is still around today but he had humble origins with his very first adventure. Sonic was made to be anti-Mario and was built to have speed-focused level designs. It resulted in one of the most iconic gaming characters being created and many love … Read More

Sonic Advance Review – Game Boy Advance

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Sonic Advance is a huge game despite it’s small nature. It is not only Sonic’s first 2D adventure post SEGA’s departure of making consoles but one of the very first Sonic games to grace a Nintendo console. With high expectations, SEGA got Sonic Team & Dimps to produce a new 2D Sonic for the Game Boy Advance. With this new hardware at the time, can SEGA prove that the GBA can handle a little blast processing?

Bionic Commando (2009) Review – PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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Rebooting a franchise for the modern age takes work. You have to look at where it came from and say ‘What can I do to make it work today?’ but also trying to find out how to make a 2D classic work in 3D. Trying to answer both at the same time, Capcom teamed up with studio Grin to revive the iconic Bionic Commando series in two ways. Grin released the critically acclaimed Rearmed in 2008 and followed it up a year later … Read More

Mega Man Legends 2 Review – PlayStation One

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Mega Man Legends is one of the more underrated of the Mega Man series of games. It takes the platforming elements seen in 3D platformers but adds a focus on exploration and puzzle solving to the mix. The result is a game series that while small (only two games and a spin-off) are still fondly remembered by the gaming community. Many love the original Legends, but what about it’s sequel? Legends 2 is a game that had a lot of … Read More

Sonic Battle Review – Game Boy Advance

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Sonic got a few spin-offs on the GBA outside of Sonic Advance Trilogy; Sonic Battle was developed by Sonic Team and it is a sudo-3D brawler for the platform. The series entered the fight game genre in the past with Sonic The Fighters but with the jump to the GBA, Sonic Team went in a more Smashing direction for Sonic Fighters. With a story mode, multiplayer support and custom-character movesets, does this game age well and offer fun brawling combat? Lets find … Read More

Sonic Lost World 3DS Review

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The Blue Blur was on a good run from 2010 through 2012 with games that were both commercially and critically successful, rebuilding the series brand. But SEGA wanted to try out a new formula, so they let Sonic Team experiment with the 3D formula they nailed down with Sonic Colors & Generations. Say hello to Sonic Lost World, blending the series 3D platforming from the Adventure days with level designs/ideas that might be inspired by the red plumber’s tour through … Read More

Mario Kart 7 Review – Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo is infamous for producing the Mario Kart series over the years and many love the franchise to this day. Offering fun racing action for the entire family that sometimes can make you want to toss the controller at the wall (curse you blue shell!) but you still come back to for one more round. It is a legacy series for Nintendo and many systems get one Mario Kart per generation. Early in the 3DS’s life cycle, we saw the … Read More