YouTube Community Highlight: SixteenInMono (@SixteenInMono)

Gaming remixes are common with a number of great musicians working hard on producing faithful remixes and creative takes on iconic gaming tracks. We covered the humorous side of this before but what about remixes that try to make really faithful and strong recreations of the original tracks?

SixteenInMono has produced a number of great rock-covers for quite a few gaming tracks. The one I listed above is of ‘Bloody Tears’ from the iconic Castlevania series. This track shows how he can have heavy guitar rifts but also slow and paced build-up. Below I will link to two tracks I really enjoyed too.


Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs Review – PS3/PS4/PS Vita

Video games are a medium where all kinds of genres can go wild with many concepts and mechanics. You can have action games with heavy story elements or story-focused adventures with quick time events sprinkled about to keep the action going. But the visual novel is one that is normally blended with role playing games.

This mixture is natural, considering the visual novel portion of a role playing game can focus on the characters and create really impressive artwork to tell its story with combat and exploration mixing things up. Aksys Games Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs is a game that blends the visual novel with the strategy game genre.

Does this mixture better the experience with both complementing each other, or does it detract greatly from the overall experience?

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XCOM 2 – Console Launch Trailer

X-COM 2 released earlier this year on PC to critical & commercial success. The game is hitting the PS4 and Xbox One soon, so 2K Games released a new trailer for the title to show off how it looks on PS4/Xbox One.

Paper Mario 3D Land (Fan Game) Gameplay (@Cobanermani456) – NOT AN OFFICIAL NINTENDO GAME

Despite the troubled situation regarding fan projects based on Nintendo IP, a new Fan game released recently. It is called Paper Mario 3D Land which takes the franchises RPG elements (health system) but blends it with the 3D platforming we saw in Super Mario 3D Land.

@Cobanermani456 spent sometime playing the game and he is starting a lets-play series on the title. The game is fully complete and looks very polished. I played some of it after watching @Cobanermani456‘s video and really enjoyed what I played of it.

This game is NOT an official product by Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe, Nintendo of Japan, or Intelligent Systems. It is a fan production made in respect and honor of both the Super Mario and Paper Mario IP’s that Nintendo owns.


Osiris: New Dawn – First Look Gameplay

Lost Odyssey Xbox 360 VS Xbox One BC Frame Rate Test (@VGTech_)

The Xbox 360-only JRPG Lost Odyssey, developed by one of the creators of Final Fantasy itself, is finally playable on the Xbox One through the systems Backward Compatibility feature. Does the game benefit from the jump to Xbox One hardware though?

Yes apparently, as based on the above video, the game has no screen tearing and a much more stable frame rate compared to the original release.

Persona 5 Getting Catherine Costumes (Free for First Week) in Japan

Persona 5 is getting free downloadable content (for the first week it goes live) which contains costumes making the cast don costumes from ATLUS & P*Studios Catherine. To say some of these outfits are fitting is an understatement, as some of them match the character designs really well.

They will be free between October 5th-10th and after the 10th they will cost 800 yen. Another bonus these costumes contain is that they add a new battle theme (not unlike the Persona 3 & 4 Costume Packs for the game) and accessories for your characters.

Source: NeoGaf

Yo-Kai Watch 2 – Exclusive Jibanyan Medals (Nintendo Video)

Each retail version of Yo-Kai Watch 2 offers a special medal based on which version you pick up. The above video explains what each medal can offer and what they unlock in-game.

Mission Impossible Level Pack Gameplay (LEGO Dimensions)


Pokemon Keldeo being Offered for 3DS Pokemon Games via Download!

Kick it with Keldeo in October! Learn how you can add Keldeo to your video game team and celebrate 20 years of Pokémon by visiting our official site!