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SAO is a series many love and enjoy, but an equal amount loath & hate. It’s a divisive series for sure but ones I both enjoy and have issues with at the same time. I wrote lengthy reviews for Season One and Two last year on 3WIREL and had mixed thoughts on both of them, but noted the bright points each one offered. With any popular series, there will be an abridged series linked to it.
Abridged Series is something fans work together on to make a more comedic and self referential experience to something they respect and/or enjoy. SAO Abridged is something I wanted to highlight today due to one factor; the characters.
The cast of SAO might share names with the incarnations of people here, but that is the only similar thing about them (mostly). They are completely unique people that in many cases, are nuts. Kirito and Asuna are wonderful examples of this, as both are psychotic in many ways. It leads to really funny moments that can make one laugh even if they don’t enjoy the source material.
I highly recommend you give this series a shot and I provided a link to the series above this text. It’s not complete yet, but episodes are still set for release in the future.

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