Assassin’s Creed Origins Leak – E3 2017 Trailer Releases Early

Welp…surprising no one, Ubisoft continues to leak out stuff from upcoming projects. Mario X Rabbids having tons of information come out (which we will touch on later today) and now the major Assassin’s Creed Project for 2017. The trailer for this leaked out today, and it seems to be set in Egypt 1354 BC. We will likely learn more very soon, so stay tuned for further information.

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Sonic Mania – August 15th Release Confirmed & Pre-Order Trailer Live

Sonic Mania is launching this summer but now we know when exactly. The SEGA Genesis inspired Sonic dash will be launching this August across all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch). To celebrate, SEGA released a visually breathtaking animation that oozes with style and charm infamous to Classic Sonic. It shows off an animation, implying that animated cut-scenes might find their way into the main game.

In addition, the trailer shows off what I think to be this games take on Stardust Speedway. It’s over run with plant life but the level design elements and speed boosters present look ripped right out of Sonic CD. We might learn more about the zone and the rumored City Zone at E3 this year, considering we are still ways away from Mania’s official launch.

If you pre-order it on PSN or Xbox Live, you get various avatars and themes based on Mania, so visit those storefronts if that stuff interests you. Price point is also live, with the game costing 19.99$.

Final Fantasy VII Remake and KH3: Releasing within the next Three Years

You know the comments about how Square Enix large-scale productions take forever to come out? How titles like Final Fantasy Verses XIII (now called and finished as Final Fantasy XV) were treated as jokes for years? Well…seems like FFVII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III will fall under that label if recent news means anything. Games take a long time to develop and it makes sense that both will take a while to release.

Final Fantasy VII Remake / Kingdom Hearts III

According to Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda.

Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III will launch within the next three years, according to Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda.

In an outline of Square Enix’s financial briefings for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, Matsuda said about the following slide: “This slide shows our release lineup for FY2017/3 as well as for FY2018/3 and beyond. We plan to launch each of these upcoming titles in the next three years or so.”

It’s a shame to see more Square Enix games enter deep development troubles but it makes sense, sadly. Both Kingdom Hearts III and FFVII Remake were announced to early and proper development likely started a year after their official announcements (and in KH3 case, it had to be ported into a Unreal Engine 4, after the FFXV engine was to troublesome to work with). We will hopefully see Kingdom Hearts III release next year, considering how the team is working with a great engine and 2018 has no Kingdom Hearts game announced so far.

Regarding FFVII Remake, I picture this as being the ‘Final Fantasy XVI’ project within Square Enix currently; they aren’t going to rush this. Not when other games like NeiR Automata, FFXII HD and other projects (including western ones from Crystal Dynamics for example) can fill the void FFVII Remake is leaving open currently.

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Sonic Mania Release Date Leaked (PC/Steam Version) – August 15th

Sonic Mania is planed to be a summer title, but no one knows when it’s releasing. Now, we have a clear release date. Discovered on Steam’s servers, is a new trailer that details the game getting a release date of August 15th. That is good news, as it informs us that the game is not that far away. This could indicate that console versions on PS4/Xbox One/Switch are going to release around a similar release date, but no official word on that yet.

Knowing Mania is launching in August is great news and we will continue reporting on Sonic Mania news as it comes out. Source of this video comes from SonicWindBlue, who uploaded the video onto his YouTube Channel.

Update (5/26/2017) – Credit for discovering this information originally goes out to Pixelbuster (@PixelMatt64)

Demo Impressions – NieR: Automata

One thing comes to mind when you think Square Enix; Final Fantasy. But the studio helped published a strange little game called NieR back in the PS3/360 Generation, which many love to this day. In a strange turn of events, it got a sequel greenlight but that isn’t the odd part. That, comes with the fact Platinum Games co-developed the title alongside the team that helped produce the original NeiR. The game is out now currently, but I recently had the time to play it’s demo on PSN. Consider this my first PS4-focused article.

So does Platinum’s take on the action-RPG offer fun?

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‘New’ Nintendo 2DS XL Announced – $149.99 Price Point, July Launch, Amiibo Support

The Nintendo 3DS has gotten a lot of revisions over the years. From the original design that wasn’t the best for shooter-intensive games to the most recent revision that added the C-Stick and faster processing power, Nintendo has taken the 3DS brand into far places. Despite the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo still has plans for the 3DS family of systems, thus launching the ‘New’ Nintendo 2DS this summer. Releasing on July 28th at the retail price of 149.99$, it is more or less a ‘New’ 3DS XL without the 3D Support. Full Nintendo press release can be found below for further information.

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Sonic Time Twisted (Overdrive Games) Released on PC – Fan Production Inspired by Classic Series

Classic Sonic fun is great in 2017, with releases like Spark and upcoming games like Freedom Planet 2 & Sonic Mania scratching that high-speed platforming itch. But want some Classic Sonic action now while waiting for Mania? Then check out Sonic Time Twisted. Produced by Overbound Games and been in development for years at this point, it takes pages from Sonic 3&K in addition to Sonic CD to create a fun new classic-styled adventure.

Perfect physics, three playable characters, new special stages and even new elemental shields help this game stand out among the clustered crowd of quality fan productions within the Sonic series. A full review on this tittle will be releasing on 3WIREL in the coming week, so stay tuned for that and other information on Time Twisted soon. A link to the soundtrack and game itself can be found here. 

Sonic Forces – Classic Sonic Gameplay (Green Hill Zone) Footage

So Sonic Forces is confirmed to have three gameplay styles, with two being known. Modern Sonic retaining the core gameplay we’ve seen since Unleashed and Generations while the Blue Blur’s Classic counter part is returning for some retro-action fun. A new style is also going to be present but we know nothing about that currently. We got a taste of Classic Sonic in Forces via recent Nintendo Direct. Today, SEGA of Europe released (what I assume based on the resolution and frame rate) direct-feed footage of the PS4/Xbox One/PC version of Forces with Classic Sonic running through Green Hill Zone.

The footage looks good visually and it mirrors the classic-look perfectly…but from this early footage I feel a bit worried. Level design doesn’t look that impressive and the placement of level objects (springs and speed boosters) doesn’t reflect on the level designs we saw in the Classic Stages in Generations. It still looks fun and little things seem to be improved; Sonic builds up speed when he rolls (unlike in Generations) and the less-busy presentation allows you to be more focused on the level itself.

Hopefully other Classic levels offer the vast paths and set-pieces we saw in the Classic Levels in Generations but we have to see what happens as we get closer to release. Stay tuned for further information.

The Story of Snake Pass’ Origin from Creator Seb Liese (Nintendo Life)

Snake Pass has an incredibly interesting story behind it, and Alex was able to nab an interview with the man himself Seb Liese to talk about where the idea came from.

Jak & Daxter’s Adventures Coming to PlayStation 4 Through PS2 on PS4 Program

While Nathan Drake had is (seemingly) last adventure on the PlayStation 4, Ellie going on a dark adventure in Last of Us Part II in the future and the naughty Bandicoot having an N. Sane run this June…Naughty Dog’s legacy is front and center in the PlayStation 4 library. But one duo is missing…and while this isn’t a brand new adventure, games can play the iconic travels of JaK & Daxter on PlayStation 4.

Through using the PS2 on PS4 program, the four PS2 titles (Jak 1-3 & Jak X: Combat Racing) will be playable on PS4 through upscaled visuals and trophy support. This is strange though, considering Jak 1-3 already got proper remastered ports on PlayStation 3 a few years back (and a butchered port on PS Vita afterward), so the move of making the ISO’s of games playable on the PS4’s PlayStation 2 emulator strikes me as…lazy to be honest. They could have ported the series on to PS4 natively like how Uncharted and Last of Us got in the past.

Either way, it’s great the PS2 on PS4 program is still getting used for something and if you pre-order the upcoming DLC expansion for Uncharted 4, you can get Jak 1 as a free bonus.